The council of the EEF, 2015.

The European Ecological Federation’s Council is comprised of elected officials and representatives from member societies.

Members of Council can be elected to represent their Member Organisations on the Board of the EEF, as ‘Ordinary Board Members’, or can be elected to serve on the Board as ‘Officers’ of the Federation.

Executive Board 2019


Cristina Máguas (


Maurice Hoffmann (
James Bullock (


Stefan Klotz (

Ordinary Board Members

Angheluta Vadineanu (
Béla Tóthmérész (
Francisco Lloret (
Anders Telenius (

Czech Ecological Society

Robert Tropek (

Ecological Society of Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Wolkmar Wolters (

Estonian Naturalists’ Society (associate Member of the EEF)

Stefan Klotz (

French Ecological Society

Armin Bischoff (

Hellenic Ecological Society

Despoina Vokou (

Hungarian Ecological Society

Szabolcs Lengyel (

Italian Ecological Society

Alberto Basset (

Macedonian Ecological Society

Slavco Hristovski (

Netherlands-Flemish Ecological Society

Maurice Hoffmann (

Nordic Oikos Society

Bodil Ehlers (

Polish Ecological Society

Andrzej Nienartowicz ( and Adam Barcikowski (barcik@biol.uni.torun)

Portuguese Ecological Society

Cristina Máguas (

Romanian Ecological Society

Angheluta Vadineanu (

Slovak Ecological Society

Pavol Elias (

Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology

Ignasi Bartomeus (

Swedish Oikos Society

Johan Olofsson (

Turkish Ecological Society

Veli Ortaçesme (

The British Ecological Society

James Bullock (

Irish Ecological Association

Paul Giller (

S. Rösner