Science Policy

The European Ecological Federation engages with the European Union to support investment in ecological science and ensure its appropriate use in policymaking. The EEF will bring together ecologists across Europe to:

  • Respond to European Commission consultations
  • Suggest experts for EU advisory committees
  • Hold meetings to bring together policymakers and scientists
  • Raise the profile of the EEF and ecology with EU policymakers and politicians

Policy Developments

For the latest European Union policy developments, visit the British Ecological Society’s Ecology and Policy Blog.

Current Consultations

For details of the latest consultations from the Environment Directorate at the European Commission, see the Commission’s Nature and Biodiversity homepage.

EEF Engagement

The EEF produced a position paper for a European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) workshop, “Investing in Innovative Research for Nature and our livelihoods: Strengthening the research strategy to reinforce the ERA on Biodiversity”, held on 11 April. Six questions that need increased attention in ecological and biodiversity research in Horizon 2020 to contribute to the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity were highlighted by the EEF.

EEF Position Paper for EPBRS Workshop – April 2013

The EEF submitted a response to a consultation run by EPBRS. The consultation examines how a strategic approach can be adopted from 2010 to 2020 to meet the main challenges facing biodiversity and to identify and meet knowledge needs.

EEF Response to EPBRS Consultation on Research Strategy – November 2009

S. Rösner