Students’ European Ecology Prize

During the EEF Congress the Federation awards the “Students´European Ecology Prize” to honour the best oral contribution presented by a student participant. Students must apply for this award by submitting an extended abstract to the conference organizer ( latest 8th of August.

Abstracts submitted to the Congress by students (as first author and presenter) will be reviewed by a committee of the EEF and a selected number of talks will be evaluated by committee members during the conference. The quality of the submitted extended abstract is very important in determining consideration for the Prize.

The extended abstract must include all relevant aspects and information expected in a regular research paper without being too detailed and is limited to a maximum of 4 pages. The extended abstract shall include a brief introduction, followed by material/methods and finally the results and discussion. Authors can include figures and/or tables; however, they must be contained within the page limit. In general this includes 1 figure and/or 1 table at maximum. References are not obligatory but shall not exceed 15 citations.

The prize is endowed with 200 € and a free publication in WebEcology.

Ernst Haeckel Prize

This prize is awarded for the first time in 2011. It is designed to honour a senior ecologist for an outstanding contribution to European ecological science. The award is given during the biennial EEF congress and past winners include:

  • 2024 – Helena Freitas, Portugal
  • 2022 – Jens-Christian Svenning, Denmark
  • 2018 – Miguel Araújo, Portugal
  • 2017 – Carlos M. Herrera, Spain
  • 2015 – Riccardo Valentini, Italy
  • 2013 – Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Germany
  • 2011 – Georgina Mace, United Kingdom

The winner of the Ernst Haekel Prize is invited to deliver an opening plenary, key-note lecture at the biennial EEF Congress and is also presented with a certificate and medal. The speakers´ travel expenses and accommodation costs are covered by the award, allowing them to attend the Congress.

Procedure for nomination:

Each EEF Member Organisation is invited to submit one nomination for the Ernst Haeckel Prize. Ecologists from anywhere in the world can be considered and the nominee need not necessarily belong to an EEF Member organisation.

Nominations must be submitted to the EEF Council ( by 1st December in the year before the EEF Congress (1st December 2012, for the EEF Congress in London in 2013).

Nominations must be made using the award nomination form and should contain information on research interests, the nominee’s contribution to the science of ecology and/or its application, his/her status within the biological community and key publications. It should also contain a clear statement on why the nominee deserves the award.

The nominee will be informed about their nomination by the President of the EEF.

S. Rösner